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Organic farming and cannabis: Testimonials
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2022, The year of trying new cannabis products.

Welcome friends to my first post of 2022! 2021 was a good year and I’m even more thrilled for 2022. I’ve been expanding my cannabis horizons and trying new cultivators on the legal market in Canada. I’ve bounced between the medical market and the recreational market. I’ve also tried some new edibles, capsules and topicals on the market. The cannabis market is constantly coming out with new products and cultivators. Sometimes I'm behind on times due to being in New Brunswick. Unfortunately, our market is not as progressive as other provinces but it is slowly evolving into a better system.

Let’s dive into some of my favourites.

Distinckt Cannabis- Tropicana Cookies

A gorgeous nug

This has to be one of the most beautiful cultivators I've ever seen. Its deep purple hues make it almost look black. It’s covered in glistening trichomes with fine orange hairs covering its dense buds. When ground up its true colours pops out along with its tantalizing aroma.

The smell can be described as an earthy orange creamsicle scent. With notes of vanilla and citrus, this strain is high in the terpenes caryophyllene, a-humulene and linalool. The effects are superb for the afternoon to evening use in my opinion. I found it relaxing but mentally stimulating enough to indulge in some personal reading or watching a fun documentary. This can be found on

These are some of the most effective softgels on the medical market in my humble opinion. The 10mg THC to 10mg CBD is an excellent ratio to help manage pain and nausea for me while remaining functional.

What’s truly unique about all of Truro Cannabis’s softgels is they’re made with the carrier oil being hempseed oil. This means no MCT oil! They also come in the format of 2.5mg THC to 2.5mg CBD and 25mg CBD to 1mg THC. They're available online via Truro cannabis medical and through the NSLC.

If you know me you’ll know I LOVE White Rabbit edibles. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and made with REAL fruit. Powered by their “Eat me” technology, these gummies have a rapid onset time and effects can be felt within 15 minutes.*

What’s the best about these particular gummies is the 1:4 ratio of THC: CBD. There is 2.5mg THC to 10mg CBD in each gummy, for a total of 10mg of THC per package and 40mg of CBD in total. This is an excellent ratio for those users looking to incorporate more CBD into their lives while having the benefits of THC.

I love me a good ‘Sativa’ strain and MTL Cannabis nailed it. I snagged a 3.5g jar from Cannabis NB. upon opening the container I was greeted by gorgeous, dense, very aromatic buds. The smell can be compared to limes, lemons and a hint of gasoline. I tend to avoid any “gassy” type strains but MTL Cannabis managed to make this a very pleasant experience. I found the effects to be perfect. This cultivator allows me to remain alert and focused without the dreaded burnout after. I would for sure purchase again. It's only available to me via the recreational market at Cannabis New Brunswick and retails for 39.99 for 3.5 grams or 2/70$. It is well worth the price for a treat.

Topicals are my jam and Stewart Farms once again KILLED it with this incredible CBD soak. Made with real seaweed from the Atlantic ocean and 250mg of CBD per soak. This soak can be used in one bath or broken up into two baths. This bath soak leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft while relaxing sore muscles and stiffness. I love this soak for menstrual pain as it helped relives my sore lower back pain. This can be purchased at Cannabis NB online and in stores. It retails for $9.99 tax included. That's a GREAT value for the product you're receiving.

I'm looking forward to what else 2022 brings. The cannabis industry in Canada is constantly evolving and more brands are coming to the market. I hope to keep up regularly with my blog this year and bring you all more cannabis content and reviews. Thank you for reading and have a groovy day.

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