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An Interview with The Bong Rips & Butter Show!

Do you like cooking? Do you like bong rips, cute doggies, and talented women?

I have a YouTube channel for you!

The Bong Rips & Butter show!

The Stoner Wifey & Penny the pooch are the most adorable duo I’ve seen.

She puts a spin on cooking and her YouTube videos are eyecatching, fun, and delicious!

What’s truly unique about her show is the fact she doesn’t make infused recipes, Her cooking segments are for everyone! How inclusive is that?!

I’m always looking for inspiration from women in the cannabis community and she has been one mine. I find the cannabis world over-saturated with the typical cannabis users, her spin on everything brings me joy. Plus her cooking looks magically delicious.

Some of her most popular recipes can be found here;

She graciously accepted and answered some of my questions pertaining to cannabis use and being a woman in the cannabis community.

1. What inspired you to start into the cannabis world?

I have always been super into cannabis, that being said my show The Bong Rips & Butter Show came to be. I was always getting stoned and cooking/baking food and constantly sharing it on my personal social media. A few friends said I should really turn this into something and get it out there. I really hadn't seen anyone getting stoned and cooking on youtube or tv before.

2. What challenges have you faced being a woman in the cannabis community?

Some challenges I have faced being a woman in the cannabis community is I don’t bake infused and I think many want that. I don’t cook infused because I am not just targeting just the cannabis community. It’s for everyone. If anything I’d like to gain more experience in that and have some infused recipes on my show:

3. What positive have you experienced?

That we all share a LOVE or cannabis whether that be a joint or an edible etc. It is almost like a way to connect us. I have always appreciated my Butter Buds (viewers/followers) messages, feedback, comments and ideas. It means so much to communicate and people enjoy my content and what we are doing.

4. Who are your favourite female cannabis accounts to follow?



5. What inspired you to use the YouTube platform?

I started watching Peter Mckinnon to gain inspiration and learn how to youtube Bahaha is that makes sense. I also turned to my favourite chefs like Matty Matheson, Rachael Ray, Mary Berg etc. I thought it was a great platform to use for my show.

Thank you for your time! It’s truly been a delight getting to know you better. Please go follow her Instagram & subscribe to her Youtube! The links are below.

Youtube -

Instagram -

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