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Back Pain & Cannabis, Can it help?

We’ve all been there, you’re waking up to start your day, you roll over and feel a familiar dull ache return in your back. Maybe you recently injured your back, or suffer from chronic back pain from prior or existing injuries. Whatever the cause, you’re fed up and are hoping to avoid resorting to muscle relaxers and pain medication.

Have you ever thought about using cannabis to help your back pain and spasms?

Did you know 4 out of 5 Canadians will experience a bout of back pain at some point in their lives? Back pain is extremely complicated and can vary in severity from person to person. You may experience a few hours of back pain up to a few weeks/ months. Every day back pain comes from a variety of contributing factors such as posture, stress, and everyday wear and tear. More serious back pain can come from workplace injuries, sports injuries, slipped discs and nerve damage.

How can cannabis help?

Cannabis is known to relieve pain and even eliminate pain allowing you to continue your day in less pain or no pain at all. Many people will turn to Tylenol and ibuprofen to relieve their back pain but these medications come with unpleasant side effects such as ulcers, gastric bleeding, and upset stomach. Cannabis doesn’t cause gastro problems and can be taken in many different forms such as dried flower, edibles, concentrates, oils and topicals. You can also take CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant which is known to help reduce inflammation.

The benefits of cannabis for back pain.

Cannabis can help reduce or even eliminate your pain, allowing you to stay active.

  • Cannabis can help reduce the side effects that come with pain such as insomnia, stress, and depression.

  • Using cannabis instead of Tylenol or other NSAIDs can prevent you from becoming reliant on potentially addictive medication.

  • Overall regular cannabis use can improve the overall quality of your life.

What strains & products do you recommend?

Blue Dream.

This Sativa dominant hybrid is a strain that’s loved amongst new and even the most experienced cannabis, connoisseurs With its parents being Blueberry and Haze, its genetics mash together to create an amazing flavour profile that will blow your mind. Blue dream gives you the full-body high with a gentle cerebral massage to invigorate uplifted and creative vibes.

This strain won’t put your brain in a fog or cause paranoia. Blue dream leaves its users happy, relaxed, and focused without causing its users to “burnout” when the high comes down. The flavour profile has been described as blueberry scented with a touch of od library. Not an unpleasant odour but it's like reading an old book in a blueberry field.

Pink Kush

Pink Kush is a 90/10 indica dominant hybrid known for its powerful high. A distant cousin of the one and only OG Kush, Pink Kush is loved for giggle-inducing effects. This gorgeous strain features decent sized green nugs with hints of pink throughout the bud. It also clocks in at approximately 20% THC. It also has a generous dusting of trichomes that resemble your favourite sugar-coated treats.

The intoxicating smell will have you reopening the jar again and again to enjoy the sweet floral and berry undertones mixed with that classic cannabis scent. On the exhale, you’ll notice an earthy flavour with some users reporting a hint of vanilla flavour also. Users love this strain for its powerful pain calming effects. Known to help relax and minimize chronic pain, Pink kush is also good for inducing appetite. This is great for those who suffer from stomach problems and nausea.

If smoking cannabis is not your thing we have other options such as capsules, oils, edibles and topicals! The products that are available in the legal Canadian market give users a plethora of options. Some of my personal recommendations are;

Stewart Farms Infused Bath Bombs

Handcrafted in beautiful New Brunswick, These organic bath bombs are environmentally friendly and made with organic, all natural ingredients. Each bath bomb contains 50mg of CBD to 50mg of THC, a perfect ratio to achieve pure pain-free bliss. Topicals do not make you "high". Topicals don't cross the body's blood-brain barrier like when you'd combust, eat or take a cannabis oil. This is a way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the intoxication.

Wana Sour Edibles.

These are their Blueberry Pomegranate Açai sour gummies. ⁣With 5mg THC & 25mg CBD these gummies are great for pain management in my opinion. ⁣

⁣The texture is perfection. With little to no flower taste , they’re excellent little gummies. They’re gluten-free as well !

If you're wanting to try cannabis, Don't hesitate to reach out and I can help you to the best of my abilities or help connect you with a medical practitioner who can help!

Stay Groovy.

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