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Can CBD help pain?!

CBD for pain

CBD oil is the item that is in high demand, every legal recreational store cannot keep it in stock due to high demand.

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the marijuana plant. After THC, CBD is the second most predominant cannabinoid found in weed. CBD can be sourced from weed and from hemp! To learn more about Cannabis VS. Hemp read this https://www.higherlivingjess.ca/post/hemp-vs-marijuana-what-s-better

CBD is known to treat an array of conditions and symptoms such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

I’ve recently started dabbling into CBD more. I was aware of the benefits but I didn’t begin to reap them until last year. I start out with a high CBD flower,

I suffer from chronic pain from a previous knee injury and I have wicked PMS. Since I introduced CBD into my life, I rarely feel the need for Tylenol or any other pain medication. I know CBD doesn’t get you “high” but it relaxes you and suppresses the pain.

CBD is known for its amazing abilities to bring down inflammation from pain and arthritis.

What can I use for pain & inflammation?

CBD oil and CBD topicals will be your best course of action, Though everyone reacts differently and this purely based on what works for me and a survey of my friends and Instagram followers.

A lot of people automatically said CBD is what they use for pain even before they reach for the THC.

CBD is non-intoxicating so it can be used during the day to ease your pain.

Inflammatory pain is vast and not limited to, all forms of arthritis, some autoimmune diseases such as chrons and other digestive issues that cause spasms and pain, and simple conditions such as headaches, PMS, and muscle soreness and recovery from exercise and physical work.

What’s great about CBD also is that it works without the risk of damaging your liver, heart, or cause gastrointestinal issues like NSAIDS can do.

As the demand for CBD increases, the research into CBD goes up.

Athletes are turning to CBD to help aid in recovery after working out to reduce inflammation and give them the relief without the harmful effects of repetitive use of pain medication

There are new reports stating that CBD is up 20 times more effective and potent when it comes to anti-inflammatory magic than NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. More and more people are becoming more health-conscious and realizing that pain pills aren’t all they're cracked up to be.

Personally I cannot take them unless it is 100% necessary and I've tried everything. Due to excessive use of painkillers, I have ulcers that can get irritated so CBD saves my stomach.

What about topicals? How do those work?

Topicals are amazing. How cool is it that you can put a cream on you and it helps pain? Or you can bathe in a bath soak or with an infused bath bomb. You can even get transdermal patches infused with CBD that secrete CBD into your skin over a 24-hour time frame.

I use CBD topicals almost daily. I have creams for pain that I use on my knee or my lower back pain. They do help ease the pain but they are not a cure-all. Infused bath products are amazing, hot baths are typically soothing but when you add in a CBD infused bath bomb and soak for 30 minutes or more, your body absorbs the CBD and relaxes those sore aching body parts of yours. This is awesome for lulling yourself to sleep after a strenuous day.

As CBD research increases and the market expands, we are left with so many options as to what we can use for CBD to help the pain. Whether it be a high CBD strain of dried flower, CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD vape pens, or so on. CBD is the next big thing. There’s a reason why you’re seeing it everywhere and why your grandma and uncle are jumping on the CBD bandwagon.

How cool is that you can take a plant-based medicine with no bad side effects that actually work. When looking for a CBD product to help you, Look for products sourced in Canada. We have options of hemp-derived CBD and full-spectrum CBD derived from the marijuana plant. When choosing a CBD Canadian sourced hemp or cannabis is your best and safest bet! Canada has regulations in place to protect us from bad products. It does still happen but most CBD products are tested in a Health Canada approved lab. When you buy CBD sourced from other countries, you’re risking ingesting contaminated CBD. Other countries use harsh pesticides and can have mould on their plants. This is not safe and not fit for human consumption. Be aware of where your CBD comes from!

Where can I get CBD in Canada?

We are extremely lucky to live in Canada where recreational cannabis is legal. This gives us a wide array of products available to us. Such as oils, vape pens, softgels and so on. These items can be purchased from government retailers.

If you’re looking to ditch the Tylenol and try a more natural method of pain relief without the high, CBD is for you. There’s a reason why the government stores cannot keep up with the demand as more people realize the amazing benefits that CBD has on pain.

Living in Canada we have the online market who know the CBD game well and give us access to quality products for affordable prices.

Let me know how CBD helps you in the comments.

As always, Stay groovy, Stay Medicated.

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