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Cannabis and Sex.

Updated: Jan 15

Cannabis & Sex.

Let’s talk about two “taboo” subjects and their connection

Cannabis is known to be a natural relaxer, mood enhancer, and pain reducer it only makes sense Cannabis and sex would go hand in hand. Many people are turning to cannabis to help enhance their sex lives, bring back that spark, or to help relieve pain so they can enjoy sex.

What’s amazing is that sex and cannabis go back thousands of years, from the Norse Goddess of Love, Freya who used cannabis as an aphrodisiac, to ancient Egypt when women would use cannabis during childbirth. They would apply a cannabis topical to the inside of the birth canal to ease the pain.

Scandinavian History

Around the time of 880 CE, was the Viking Age and the Norse Deity Freya. Known as the goddess of love and fertility, she also was known as the protector of the Hemp and flax fields. While it is not historically noted that Freya consumed cannabis as we do in modern times, It is recorded the hemp fields were used for pagan and erotic rituals to increase fertility and crop production.

Hemp, I sow you; hemp, I reap you, and my heart’s love shall come behind me and harvest me.
Old Germanic love charm

How can cannabis help?

Many women suffer from low libido from a variety of factors. It is estimated that 6.7 million people are suffering from some mental health conditions. The symptoms from these conditions can cause low libido, lack of interest in intimacy, pain, and more undesirable symptoms.

Cannabis is known to help reduce anxiety so you may feel more comfortable engaging in sexual intimacy. Cannabis causes a heightened sensation as well, giving those who struggle to orgasm a better chance at achieving a proper orgasm. A study conducted in 2019 on The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women has shown us that 34% of women who participated and used cannabis before sex reported an increase in sex drive, a decrease in pain, and an improvement in orgasming.

Does cannabis use affect my fertility?

From a personal standpoint, no. I was able to conceive very easily and had a viable and healthy pregnancy. I was under the influence of cannabis and so was my then-husband when we conceived my child 6 years ago.

But we also had no prior known fertility issues and weren’t actively trying to get pregnant.

According to research, couples who are already struggling to conceive could be hindering their chances of conceiving due to their cannabis use. Dr. Sara IInitsky an obstetrician who practices at a fertility clinic in London, Ontario has been doing more research into the effects of cannabis use and fertility.

“Dr. Sara Ilnitsky, who practises at a fertility clinic in London, Ont., said some studies suggest that changes in ovulation patterns and reduced sperm motility are associated with smoking cannabis and could compound the frustrations of a couple trying to conceive.” - GlobalNews article

Though she goes on to add that research behind this is very limited and mostly made up of self-reports and people who use various doses of cannabis.

If you’re trying to conceive and having issues, go see a medical professional so they can rule out any underlying causes.

What strains of cannabis are recommended?

Terpenes are where you’re going to want to look. Strains high in the terpene limonene are known for their mood-boosting, anti-stress, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Strawberry Cough

  • High in Limonene

  • Produces a euphoric/heady high, Great for giggly and cuddly sex.

  • Also offers full-body relaxation

Granddaddy Purple

  • High in Myrcene, Which is known for relaxation.

  • Great for sensual and passionate sex.

  • Will aid in pain relief to make sex more comfortable.

Sour Diesel

  • Known for its complex but an excellent blend of terpenes

  • With high levels of THC, it is recommended to start low and go slow.

  • This strain really targets the central nervous system, enhancing touch immensely.

Cannabis-Infused Lubricant.

You can reap the benefits of cannabis without the high. The cannabis-infused lubricant has a reported plethora of benefits, especially for women's genitalia.

When cannabis-infused lube is applied to the outer and inner labia and the entrance to the vagina, users report heightened sensations making your lady bits more sensitive to touch. It is also known to help stimulate your natural lubrication and enhance orgasms. Many women say they can achieve multiple orgasms or are finally able to orgasm during sex with a partner.

It is recommended to achieve the best results, apply the cannabis lube 15 minutes prior to intercourse to enjoy the full benefits.

Many women are intrigued by this cannabis magic for a plethora of reasons, pain being one of the most common reasons. The THC can absorb topically and soothe sore and sensitive areas so you can enjoy sex again.

* Many lubricants are coconut oil-based. This breaks down condoms. Practice safe sex & use a backup method of birth control

Cannabis lube isn’t just for couples! You can use it solo and still enjoy the benefits.

Where can I purchase Cannabis Lube?

We a have a legal option in the Canadian market but I am unable to find a substantial amount of information pertaining to where it can be purchased. SO far the only source I can find is www.ocs.ca. And it is out of stock.

The brand is the infamous Foria brand, based in the USA but Tweed inc. collaborated with them and came out with the product called Foria Oil. This coconut oil oil-based product is marketed as a genital topical but can also be consumed orally like typical cannabis oil.




Sex and cannabis have a deep history. Many couples use cannabis to enhance their sex life and bring back the fire, literally. Sex is a natural act and when it happens between two consenting adults it can be a beautiful and pleasurable act for both parties participating.

Cannabis can naturally bring some spark to your sex life while providing medical benefits and relaxing you.

Instead of reaching for the bottle of wine, switch it up and try an edible or share a joint! You’ll be relaxed with no wine hangover the next day.

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