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Don't want to smoke cannabis? Try these products!

Updated: Feb 16

The Canadian cannabis market is constantly evolving. New products are dropped weekly and it can be overwhelming to pick & choose what to try. I have a notorious habit of NEEDING to try things. Being in the cannabis industry for many years, testing products and doing reviews in the legacy market is how I started in cannabis. Apparently the urge to try new things does not go away. Here's some of my current favourites! These are versatile and great for beginners and cannabis experts. Most of these products are purchased from Kuzen , Abba Medix and Cannabis NB. If you want to become a medical cannabis patient. I can help, Read here!

La Doze Nano 50/50 THC:CBD spray

This is a versatile spray that can be incorporated into many foods and beverages. Each spray is 1 MG CBD: 1MG THC , this way you can customize your dosage to your liking. With approximately 150 sprays per container, you'll be infusing everything!

La Doze Nano uses nanoemulsifying . It’s a process when the CBD\THC molecules are shrunk down to extremely small sizes and are in exchange turned into a water-soluble form. This means the spray can blend into beverages easily and it allows the THC/CBD to pass through the body at a much more rapid speed, allowing faster absorption and effectiveness.  Learn more here :

You can find La Doze at

Bubble Kush Rootbeer

This is HANDS-DOWN the BEST beverages on the market. They're true to their flavour and have minimal cannabis taste. Currently on the market they have Root Beer, Orange soda, Lemon Lime and Cola flavours available. The Root Beer tastes how Root Beer should taste! This is also a great option for those who don't want to smoke cannabis. Each can has 10mg of THC. This is slightly stronger than what I recommend for a cannabis beginner but it's great for the novices & up.

ufeelu CBD:CBN Rest Drops

What's CBN?

CBN is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It doesn't have the same intoxicating effects that THC can have. CBN is known for its potential to induce relaxation and sleepiness. This is a great option for evening use or before bed.

ufeelu Rest drops are THC free with sunflower oil being the carrier oil. This is a carefully formulated blend of 18 botanical terpenes. On nights I know I won't sleep so well , I take 1ml of the rest drops which is 30mg CBD to 10mg CBN. It's an incredible product and is available Canadawide on

*While this product works for me , you may not experience the same effects. *

Olli Sugar Free Orchard Fruit Gems

I LOVE these hard candy gems. They come in four fun flavours such as McIntosh Apple, Niagara Peach, Sweet Cherry, and Juicy Pear. They contain 2.5 THC to 2.5 CBD per gem. They're discreet, a perfect dose for beginners and delicious. There is no evident cannabis flavour which is an added bonus.

Favour from Token; Peach Mixer

This product is amazing! If you love peach, you'll love this mixer. This drink can be taken as a shot or mixed into a beverage. This product is made with real peach juice, natural flavours and nano-emulsified cannabis extract. There's no bitter cannabis taste or lingering cannabis after-taste. This bottle can be used in one whole drink or split up between a couple drinks! It reminds me of the peach drink from Tim Hortons in the 90's and I love that nostalgic feeling.

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