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How to store your cannabis, properly.

I know we’ve all been there. I was the dealer, I KNOW. Everyone gives their cannabis in plastic sandwich baggies. They’re cheap, easy, and can hold up to 51 grams sometimes, haha. But once you get your flower home safely, don’t you dare leave it in the baggie. You’re compromising the beauty and potency of that beautiful flower you spent your hard-earned money on! You’re risking the trichomes becoming damaged the longer you keep your weed bouncing in a baggie. It will also dry out fast, take on the taste of the plastic, and it just isn’t ideal storage for your precious weed!

I’ve had cannabis given to me in baggies, plastic wrap, tin foil, paper bags, and empty takeout coffee cups. This is fine for transportation means but for the love of the cannabis gods, please store it properly. Below I'll be giving you some good, easy, safe ideas to store your cannabis and keep it fresh to maximize its full potential. So there is no technical “expiry” date when it comes to dried cannabis. If stored properly, it can last a fair amount of time. It will lose its moisture over time but there are ways to prevent this! I have smoked 2-year-old cannabis I found stored in a glass jar and it was great! Plastic baggies increase the risk of crushing your buds, they can dry out, and the buds rubbing against the plastic removes the trichomes off the bud, making it less potent. Over time the plastic baggie will seep into your cannabis and affect the taste. Also, cheap baggies are not discreet at all, they hold no smell at all. We will know you’re carrying a dank ass baggie of kush in your pocket. The elements can affect your cannabis too! Too much light, moisture, air, & so on can affect the quality of your cannabis and even damage it. Keep your cannabis out of the sunlight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what can I use? Glass is the perfect storage medium. No one enjoys smoking dried up, dusty when ground weed. Dried out cannabis will taste harsh and burn your throat like you swallowed fire. The elements affect your cannabis. IF you can grasp the basic concept of moisture, light, and air, you’re well on your way to making your weed last a nice fresh lifetime before you smoke it. You do not need fancy glass jar but weed-deals has these amazing airtight glass jars for storage! I’m so in love with mine. It’s super easy to use with its action button on top. Once you push the button down, your cannabis is airtightly sealed and being preserved for maximum freshness. It even has measurements on the side to let you know how many flowers you have left to enjoy! As mentioned you don’t have to use their jar but it’s designed for cannabis. Any mason jar, moonshine jar (drink it first), a jam jar, pickle jar, any glass container with a sealing lid will work! Glass doesn’t absorb smell so it’s the perfect medium for storage. When kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat, Cannabis can keep in glass for a very long time! Weed-deals also has an amazing plastic Budbox 500ml container with an air-locking seal as well. It’s a larger box, so it’ll hold more. The beauty of it also is its plastic. The keif collects on the sides of the plastic container due to static and you can gently brush this out of your container for later or to top your bowls with for an extra kick. It can roughly hold an ounce, It’s made with food-grade plastic and it’s also on sale for only 15$! That’s a bargain for such a quality product. Check out their accessory page! They have a lot of cool items. Peep my Instagram to see more of them in action You can also use metal containers to store your weed. Titanium is what is recommended as it doesn’t turn your flower a metallic flavour. Plus just as glass, do not store it near sunlight or heat. The metal holds heat and will cause your weed to get toasty and potentially mould. We don’t want that. On the topic of mould, for the love of all that is good DO NOT store your weed in the fridge or freezer. When you put your cannabis in the freezer, your freezer those precious trichomes and they freeze to death and fall off. Thus bringing down the potency of your flower and affecting the taste. No one wants to eat freezer burnt food, let alone smoke weed from the freezer that now tastes like raw meat and dirty gym socks. Also, storing your weed in a cupboard above the stove is not ideal either. The temperature will fluctuate too much and cause issues with freshness. Keeping your cannabis in a dark cool spot is ideal! It’s protected from the elements and it’ll preserve the maximum freshness to reap all those awesome benefits cannabis gives us! This article has definitely enlightened me on storage methods for keeping your cannabis fresh as possible! I’m going to be using the bud box forever now, and I’m not just saying that because I'm biased, I’m truly impressed with the quality of the product. Weed-deals only carry quality products and it shows. So for the love of our Goddess MaryJane, go take your weed out of the plastic baggies and use a glass jar, please! You’ll notice a huge improvement in the quality of your flower! I promise.

If you want the chance to win your own glass storage jar, I have one to giveaway! Leave a comment on this blog for extra entries.

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