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Insomnia and cannabis? What strains will help?

We’ve all been there, it’s bedtime you finish up your nightly routine, get into your cosy bed ready to end another day and get a blissful rest before you start the next day. The moments tick by as you toss and turn to find that sweet spot of comfort and sleep. You start to drift off into dreamland and you’re rudely jolted awake and are utterly frustrated at the lack of sleep you are getting.

Perhaps falling asleep is easy for you but you find yourself awake at the wee hours of the morning, unable to fall back asleep.

Did you know according to statistic Canada, more than half of Canadians struggle with sleep at some point in their lives

Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep is often associated with, depression, cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, irritability, and an overall lack of quality of life. As we continue to learn more about the negatives when it comes to lack of sleep, more research is being done into the benefits of cannabis and how it can help improve our sleep.

From a brief survey I gathered my Instagram followers, many people said that cannabis helps them fall asleep and or stay asleep. but what is the science behind cannabis and how does it help us sleep.

Let us look into the facts behind sleep and cannabis.

The two main components of cannabis are THC and CBD and when these two cannabinoids are combined we have the key to a potentially restful and peaceful slumber.

The THC provides the sedation that helps you relax and CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that are known to relieve pain.

These strains listed below are known for their sedative properties and abilities to help combat insomnia, restlessness, stress, and help alleviate pain as well.

If you’re looking for a slumber that’s close to a death-like experience, this strain is for you! Death Bubba is an indica dominant strain that is a cross between Bubba Kush and Death Star, This Canadian bred strain has THC levels of up to 27%. This strain is not recommended for beginners as it knocks even the most experienced cannabis consumer out. This strain will give you that burst of energy to get yourself ready for bed and prepared for the next day but that doesn’t last long. Within the hour a wave of sleep will hit you and you’ll be strolling happily to bed to fall asleep peacefully and hopefully wake up well-rested.

Named after the elusive Mike Tyson, this strain will knock you the f*ck out. With it’s moderate THC levels and known relaxing effects. Tyson is a strain sought out for it’s sleepy time qualities. This strain offers it’s user a relaxing high without being overwhelming and causing racing thoughts. Within 15 minutes after consumption, you’ll notice the effects creeping in and you’ll feel compelled to vegetate on the couch until sleep overcomes you and you drag yourself to bed for a restful sleep.

Pink Tuna kush

Pink Tuna kush is a compelling but unique strain. This heavy indica strain has THC levels reaching 26% with its roots stemming from beautiful BC. Do not let it’s peculiar name turn you off. With it’s high THC levels and ability to combat chronic pain, This strain is a must-try for users looking for strong pain relief, or to spend an evening glued to the couch.

Any aches or pains from your day start to vanish as you melt into the couch. You’ll be pleasantly sedated and become one with the couch. As the high continues, you’ll get that sleepy sensation and head towards dreamland for a restful slumber.

This indica dominant hybrid is excellent for those users looking to unwind and enjoy a heavy body stone. With THC levels between 16% to 30%, this strain certainly packs a punch. Users looking to relieve pain will love this strain. To counteract the effects of insomnia, one must consume a larger quantity of Grease Monkey to fall asleep. This is a great strain for sleep but is only recommended to users who don’t suffer from paranoia when consuming cannabis.

Bubba Kush is an epic strain. It’s like wrapping yourself up in your favourite blanket on a chilly night. Bubba Kush is a unique indica because it doesn’t have that typical indica effects, you’re not completely couch-locked but you’re relaxed. So maybe you’re feeling ambitious and want to bake some cookies for tomorrow’s lunch, or you do a nice relaxing yoga flow to unwind.

Users will love Bubba Kush for its medical effects for combating pain, stress, insomnia, and depression. It’s scent is a familiar smell of coffee but dank weed-infused coffee, this isn’t a strain you want to smoke if you’re looking to be discreet as it’s a very dank and pungent-smelling flower.

El Jefe is a very powerful indica-dominant strain that’s known for its amazing medical qualities and recreational use. Why is it so great? It’s known for relaxing the body and taking away and aches and pains. It’ll relax your soul while calming your muscles from a day of get up and go. This strain is known to be sedative without knocking you out. So you can glue yourself to the couch and binge-watch Netflix till 1 am. Its smell can be off-putting with its hash and earthy undertones. Don’t let this fool you, the taste is nice citrus with hints of sweetness lingering after the exhale.

This gorgeous strain features pretty green nugs and a hint of pink. It also clocks in at approximately 20% THC. It also has a generous dusting of trichomes that resemble your favourite sugar-coated treats.

After consumption, you’ll start to feel the effects of Pink Kush hit you. Then all your worries melt away and euphoria consumes your mind. No bad vibes here. As the high continues you’ll start to feel light as your pain melts away and you sink into a giggly, happy headspace. Prepare yourself and your fridge, the elusive munchies will hit you like a freight train. If you’re like me, you’ll hoard snacks especially after smoking this strain. If not, have your favourite takeout place to bring you some food and enjoy the ride because this high will last for a few hours!

Medical users love this strain for its powerful body effects that help ease muscle and joint pain. As mentioned above, it helps induce appetite so it’s excellent for people who suffer from nausea. It’s also known to help anxiety, stress, and nervous disorders as it soothes the body and mind. It is excellent for use after a panic attack as it soothes yourself and as the effects wear off it’ll lull you into a peaceful sleep.


Sleep is a necessary thing to thrive and stay healthy. As more research goes into the benefits of cannabis and it’s effects on sleep and insomnia, the more benefits will be revealed. More and more people are realizing the benefits of cannabis and are leaving behind the pharmaceuticals to find a more natural and effective route to treat their insomnia and other sleep disorders.

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