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Is Hemp Wick a Healthy Alternative to Lighters?

Have you noticed yourself coughing more lately when consuming cannabis? Have you ever stopped to think about every time you ignite a bowl with a lighter and inhale, you’re also

inhaling the harsh fumes that the lighter gives off. Hemp-wick is being rebranded in the Canadian cannabis market as a safe and healthy alternative to lighters and matches, even though it’s been around for thousands of years. As we become a more health-conscious society, we are constantly looking for healthy alternatives to better our lives. Hemp wick is a cheap and healthy way to enhance your weed experience.

When I think of hemp-wick, I think of those groovy handwoven necklaces that classic hippies, free spirits, and surfer dudes wear. But alas, hemp-wick is not just for funky jewelry anymore. But is it a better way to burn your weed?

Let’s find out!

What is hemp wick?

Hemp wick is essentially a thin hemp twine that is coated in beeswax. It is similar to a slow-burning candlewick, but you use it to light your bong, pipe, or even joints. It is sourced from the hemp plant, another reason why hemp is such a versatile textile. Hemp is an easy to grow plant that has various uses. Hemp wick offers its users a natural alternative to lighters as it’s only two properties are hemp and beeswax.

You ignite the twine with a lighter or matches.


We all have lighters kicking around. You may have a preference for brands but they all are powered by the same gas, butane.

What is butane?

Butane is a gaseous fuel derived from petroleum. It is used primarily for camping, backyard cooking and cigarette lighters. Lighters are often the preference due to their portableness and convenience. They also require less effort but you’re compromising your health in the process when you inhale the butane.

Over time, the effects of inhaling butane can affect your liver and cause damage. When you inhale butane, you’re also interfering with the transportation of oxygen to your red blood cells. You may not notice the effects right now, but over time you could experience preventable health issues.


Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a lighter does. This produces a cleaner smoke and burns your flower evenly, as opposed to scorching it right off the bat. This in exchange helps burns the terpenes in a proper manner and maximizes your cannabis to its full potential. Hemp wick is easier to control as well, so you can properly light your bowl and not burn it all in one swift move.

When you use hemp wick you’re also using a more eco-friendly option. Hemp wick produces less waste than using disposable lighters on the regular. You’re doing yourself and the earth a favour when you switch to hemp wick. You’re keeping less waste out of landfills. Most lighters are plastic and won’t decompose and break down for thousands of years.

Hemp wick is also biodegradable and long-lasting.

The only downfalls to hemp wick that I’ve found are:

  1. It’s not as convenient to carry around as requires a two-step process to ignite

  2. If you smoke outside, as I do, the wind can be a factor and put your flame out easily

  3. It’s not readily available at convenience stores, gas stations, etc. You have to go to a bong shop, an online shop, or a cannabis store to purchase it.

Another bonus to hemp wick is that it’s malleable. You can wind it around your lighter or bong so it’s always near-by for easy access.

A fun history fact about hemp wick is that it was called a “slow match” and was used to light cannons

Where can I purchase hemp wick?

Hemp wick can be purchased at many headshops, cannabis stores, alternative health stores, and online. You can purchase it in various lengths from 1 ft lengths all the way up to 420 ft worth of hemp wick. It can also come in different diameters too, the thickness of the twine controls the size of the flame and gives a slower burn. You can also get hemp wick dispensers that hold your hemp wick and lighter, making your cannabis consuming a little easier and greener.

A great option for online orders for cannabis accessories is

They have great prices and awesome shipping rates! And they're Canadian!


You can use the argument that lighters have been used for many years and why change your ways? Just because we’ve been doing it forever, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another healthier and safer alternative to the classic butane lighter.

Hemp wick offers its users a healthier and safe alternative to maximizing your weed experience to its full potential. With its ability to preserve the flavour of your cannabis and burn it evenly, it will change the dynamic of your cannabis smoking.sessions. Another reason to switch to hemp wick is the fact that hemp is part of the cannabis family. It just makes sense to use hemp wick with your cannabis. Switching to using hemp wick even part-time is a good start Your lungs and weed will thank you.

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