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What is the point of having a medical cannabis prescription?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The benefits and how to obtain your medical cannabis prescription for FREE in Canada, online.

Medical cannabis is one of the oldest medicines known to man and was prohibited in Canada till July 2001 when the Access to medical cannabis act came into play.

This allowed Canadians suffering from deliberating symptoms of various diseases, cancer treatment, arthritis, and other medical conditions safe access to Cannabis.

I am going into my third year of being a legal cannabis patient and I don’t regret that decision for a moment. I only wish I did it sooner but I was misinformed and did not know the proper protocols for obtaining my cannabis prescription. I was under the impression that getting a legal prescription would cost me money!

And I wasn’t wrong, many clinics have stopped this BUT some cannabis clinics will charge their patients a fee for meeting with the medical practitioner who is prescribing you your medical cannabis. These fees can range from 50$ all the way to 300$+!

I do not agree with this and think it is not fair that medical professionals are taking advantage of people wanting to better the quality of their lives through medical cannabis.

Not everyone is in it to help people, unfortunately.

I recently switched clinics, And now use Apollo Clinics. They're incredible and have a great staff of educated and helpful people.

You fill out the information and pick a time to meet virtually with a Nurse Practitioner via your phone or computer from the comfort of your home.

They will discuss why you need cannabis and approve you for a certain amount daily. They are extremely thorough in explaining what you need to know and will answer your questions about cannabis.


I took my prescription and split it between two Licensed Producers. Licensed Producers, also known as LP’s are government regulated cannabis grow facilities that produce and grow medical cannabis for Canadians and we have an abundance of them in Canada!!!

My preferences are Medical Cannabis by Shoppers DrugMart and Spectrum therapeutics, as they have an excellent compassionate pricing program.

I’ll attach a link with all the licensed producers that offer discounts.


Another bonus of having a prescription is that various Lp’s offer their customers’ discounts if you fall under a certain income bracket, if you’re a senior, or if you’ve served our country as a Military personal. Other Lp’s offer sales from time to time, which is always nice!

Many offer Purolator shipping for free or a small fee which is lovely!

Another benefit of getting your medical cannabis prescription is you can claim your cannabis on your yearly taxes as a medical expense.

So you will get back a portion of what you’ve spent on your medicine.

A few insurance companies are now covering medical cannabis under their drug insurance policies as well for certain medical conditions. This is still murky water due to the fact cannabis does not a DIN, which is a drug identification number that makes it hard for insurance companies to process such claims. Cannabis is vast, so it makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to label it and come up with a generic number to add it to the DIN system in Canada. As more research goes into Medical Cannabis, the government and other health professionals are developing ways to make cannabis more medically accessible to patients for fair prices.

There are so many things I could ramble on about when it comes to medical cannabis but I will leave you to develop your thoughts, feelings, and opinions towards cannabis.

I am open to emails always for advice, product suggestions, or just to chat about cannabis! I hope this article helps you understand why having a prescription is beneficial. There are many more benefits but these are the main ones that attract people to obtaining their legal prescription.

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