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Meet Edison JOLTS

Due to Cannabis Law in Canada, Edibles can only contain a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC per package. Many seasoned cannabis consumers are less than impressed with this implemented law and often need more than one edible to achieve the desired effects. Organigram saw the market was lacking an option for those consumers wishing for a higher dose and took advantage. This innovation comes with the hope that it may convert the legacy market consumers to try what the legal market can offer.

Organigrams' Director of Digital Marketing Tanya Kinney had to say;

"We know there has been a gap in the market for the high-tolerance consumer, and Edison JOLTS is our way of meeting that expectation. It's a slow dissolving lozenge that packs a punch, both in terms of the flavour and the effect. It's a product of our innovation program and ensuring we listen to consumers. We think it's one of the first of many new innovations to come to the market to help fill the void between the emerging legal market and the legacy market." - Tanya Kinney

Introducing Edison JOLTS to the cannabis market was a smooth move on Organigrams' part. These are Canada’s first 10mg THC lozenges. Each package contains 10 lozenges which will give you a solid 100 milligrams of THC per package. This is an unheard concept in the legal cannabis market and many consumers are intrigued by this new innovation.

Consumers are also curious how Edison Co. managed to ‘bypass” the edible law and make a larger dose ‘edible’.

Contrary to popular belief, these lozenges are not classified as edibles but rather as pre-measured doses of THC such as capsules or oils in the legal market. These jolts offer the convenience of oils and the accurate dose that capsules offer with a fun minty flavour.

How do the JOLTS work?

The science behind the Jolts is fascinating. Organigram has a team of talented scientists developing these products. These JOLTS are made for sublingual or buccal absorption, meaning you consume them orally and allow them to dissolve like a mint. The beauty of these little gems of goodness is there is no lingering cannabis flavour or aftertaste, making them an enjoyable experience.

What is buccal/sublingual absorption?

This is the absorption of the medicine through the mouth. In this case, it’s THC. Sublingual and buccal absorption are two different methods. The sublingual method is when the JOLT is placed under your tongue to dissolve and absorb through the tissue into your bloodstream. Buccal absorption is when the JOLT is placed between your cheek and gum to dissolve . This is a more effective way to absorb the THC and receive faster effects. Taking anything through sublingual and buccal absorption also means you’re bypassing the metabolization of THC through the liver, so you’re able to take a smaller dose and get the same effects. So one JOLT may be more than enough for you. ( For myself it is! )

How are the effects?

From a personal standpoint these little JOLTS are potent. I was happily lifted for several hours and full of laughter. The best way to describe the sensation is the feeling of floating on a cloud in the late august sunshine. Colours were more vibrant , laughter came easy to me. These JOLTS are sativa based which is more of a “head-high” as opposed to a body high.

I have been a cannabis consumer for many years so you’d expect my tolerance to be ‘higher', alas it is not so I am able to enjoy smaller doses of THC to achieve the desired effects I’m seeking. One JOLT is more than enough for me to be very merry. Perhaps one day when i’m feeling adventurous I’ll have two JOLTS and report the effects.*

*This is purely my experience. Please use caution when consuming any new products.

Overall this product is superb. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a higher dose of THC. Organigram is a company to watch. Despite their past conflicts, they've gone on to evolve into a company that truly cares about its customers and their needs. I'll be releasing an article in High Moon on their whole line of different brands in Canada.

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