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Microdosing Cannabis.

Microdosing Cannabis.

Cannabis Softgels and their benefits

You may have seen the various cannabis soft gels at your local legal cannabis store,or you may have completely overlooked them. Cannabis microdose capsules are one of the most underrated cannabis products in the legal cannabis market.

When the average consumer thinks of cannabis, they think of joints, dried flower, oils, or edibles. Cannabis soft gels have slipped through the cracks and many Canadians are unaware of them or their benefits.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of taking cannabis in small doses to achieve the relief you’re looking for, without the psychoactive effects that THC produces in larger quantities. Many consumers opt to microdose so they can continue to perform their daily tasks while achieving relief from other ailments. Doses can vary from 2mg of THC to 10mg of THC. Doses vary depending on the person and a few factors such as metabolism, age, and tolerance.

The benefits of taking tetrahydrocannabinol ( THC) in small doses is proving to have substantial medical benefits in patients' lives.

Microdosing is proving to be beneficial in achieving a relaxed state while remaining focused without the side effects of paranoia, psychoactivity, and mild anxiety.

How much should you start with?

There is no proper answer to this due to the fact cannabis reacts differently with everyone. Things such as your metabolism, genetics, age, previous cannabis consumption, and your liver are all factors in how your body processes cannabis.

Many people start with 2 mg-2.5mg of THC to start with. Some people opt to start with doses as low as 1 mg as work their way up.

Why didn’t the Microdose work?

In some situations, even after waiting two hours and consuming more cannabis, you don’t feel the effects.

Why is this?

This phenomenon is known as “ first-pass metabolism”.

This is a process when your body is so sneaky and good at breaking down things, that instead of being broken down and metabolized in the liver, the compound is cleaned out and goes through your system without effect.

First pass metabolism doesn’t just affect cannabis consumption, it can affect pharmaceuticals as well.

It’s because of this phenomenon that you may not feel the desired effects of the microdose.

You may also need a larger dose, it is recommended to wait two hours and see how you’re feeling.

It is recommended to eat a small meal with your cannabis microdose if you’re using oils or capsules., something fatty such as cheese, avocado, or another fatty food item to help minimize this effect and make your edibles more effective so you can reap the benefits.

What Products do you recommend?

Our recommendation for starting in micro-dosing is the gel capsules various Licensed Producers have to offer. The capsules come in various varieties such as THC only, CBD only, or a CBD: THC blend.

For daytime use, we recommend the Tweed Penelope Soft Gels.

These capsules come in a hybrid form with balanced levels of THC to CBD, these capsules are excellent for the beginner to novice cannabis consumer looking to start reaping the benefits of microdosing.

For nighttime use, We recommend Tweed Argyle Soft Gels.

With higher levels of CBD to THC, these softgels are excellent for bedtime use. You'll get an excellent nights sleep, And wake feeling refreshed and not groggy.

For my fellow cannabis users who require a slightly larger dose, Redecan makes a soft gel called Redecan Gems. These softgels come in 5mg of THC or in 5:5mg THC:CBD.


In conclusion, Microdosing is an effective way to manage various symptoms while maintaining your daily tasks. Have you tried any softgels yet? What ones do you recommend?

Stay groovy.

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