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Morganja & Jaggie. Women in weed interview #1.

Good Day, you beautiful humans!

I recently took the plunge and decided to start a “ Women In Cannabis” Blog series. We are all so diverse and each one of us brings something truly unique to the cannabis community. I’m hoping to make this a weekly-bi-weekly article! We have so many amazing women who bring so much to the cannabis world, it’s only fair we showcase and highlight their accomplishments and badassery.

My first victims ( haha) Are the lovely Morganja & Jaggie! Both badass babes, who are also best friends who make epic podcasts, YouTube magic, and they’re all around hilarious humans with a plethora of knowledge and good vibes just oozing from them.

Not only do they have a successful podcast rolling, which you can check out at



& their youtube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDJ29Xm_O6iZLGLVQo7kCdg

I asked these lovely ladies some fun questions pertaining to cannabis and how they met! Here are their answers,

What inspired your journey into cannabis?!


Well, I first started smoking simpy to get fucked up. I was already nearing alcoholism and it was another way for me to get intoxicated AKA to escape my problems. Usually combined together in dangerous amounts. So bad experiences I guess. At the time, I was unaware of the extremity of my borderline personality disorder and was misdiagnosed as bipolar, making things confusing.

It wasn’t until I became sober 9 ½ years from alcohol and hard drugs (yes I’m SOBER AND I SMOKE WEED) that I started using it more medicinally. It took me probably 7 years to figure it out, in a way that I could function daily and medicate to feel my best.

So the original inspiration was to get fucked up, current inspiration to live my life to the best of my ability mindfully and peacefully. Without pain, without fear, without anxiety and as an actual human


On the opposite side to where M started, my experience started as a full-on medicinal experience. My whole life growing up I was told weed was bad, and I lived with this stigma in my head. It wasn’t until college that my perspective opened. I was in a car accident in my 3rd year of college (I received a scholarship to play fastball in Florida for 4 years while also getting a free education) due to which I suffered a permanent neck injury. Docs wanted to give me all the pain pills which were giving me the worst side effects causing me to miss several classes… my girlfriend finally convinced me to try cannabis for the first time as an alternative to pain meds. Once I started I never looked back.

By the time my 4th year rolled around I was a full-on “stoner” but I was going to class and functioning with my injury. It was during this year that I helped petition to get medical marijuana on the ballot in Florida (all cannabis was illegal at that time in FL), so voters could at least have the opportunity to vote to get medical cannabis legalized.

After seeing all of the benefits of the miracle plant first hand, it was hard to come back to Canada and see this clearly evident stigma surrounding a plant that saved my life, and so many others. At that point, it became my mission to educate EVERYONE around me about cannabis - dunno how many people I’ve actually helped open their brains to cannabis but I do know my entire family now smokes with me.

How did you two meet? And what inspired the podcast?!


M- Becky look at her butt!

J- Our journey together started as acquaintances in the Calgary modelling community. Morgan was in the alternative community and through a mutual “friendship” her and I met.

M- LOL Friendship.

We didn’t really pay any heed to each other. We had a shoot booked together (bad ass biker chicks) with a photographer friend at some point, that never happened so yes we were aware that the other existed lol

What we were unaware of was our amoeba bond.

J-I feel like at that point I also hadn’t accepted my full inner canna queen yet, so I feel like by the time we actually met each other we were ready and able to bow down to each other queens. As amoebas.


LOLLLLL I love it.

Late 2018 we first got together at my house as a potential friendship starter hangout sesh -

J- Like a date of sorts really haha girl dateeee

  • M- we started with a dab and I didn’t put water in the rig causing the baby lung bitch in front of me to explode.

J- I mean I was also unaware of how serious my allergy to cats was on top of touching my eyes, dying of coughing and then being way too high while also having a panic attack cuz I was freaking out with a new person lol.

M- Somehow, all things considered, she asked me to be on her podcast “Jaggie Uncensored” and I slayed that fucking interview.

J- Yea she diiiiiiid! And that interview was I think what basically sealed the deal for me in regards to her, and her inside self.

M- We even decided right then and there to start a podcast together.

M-*it took us longer then we care to admit that our names, Morganja & Jaggie, were the perfect title - M&J - Mary Jane duhhhh - MJSHOW*

What’s your advice to women in the cannabis community?!

J- As a podcast tho, from the beginning our inspo has always been to help build a community that supports one another, on all fronts, with an extra special focus on being a good human.

M- We have proven ourselves to be entrepreneurial canna queens and tear down stigmas surrounding cannabis use.

J- And I think even more kinds of walls now. Our society as a whole is going through a giant shift, change in consciousness, evolution, or paradigm shift or whatever the fuck you want to call it. There are so many huge heavy walls that all of us are working on tearing down, and we want to be here to help empower and encourage everyone through their growth.

M- We have both been on an incredible journey of self-love and growth lately. If I can dig myself out of the deepest pit of BPD imaginable and create a sense of calmness in my brain at the age of 30 (most days lol) then I truly believe anyone can, with practice.

J-BIGGEST THING IS PRACTICE. Change won’t happen overnight folks. It’s going to be hard as fuck, you're going to feel like you're failing and you'll want to say FUCK IT.

M-But the ability to find yourself and love yourself gives you the ability to grow, becoming a better person in the process, while also educating others about the process - the real one, not the Instagram one - which in turn leads to a more fulfilling/enlightened/grateful life.

J-So basically, what we’re trying to say to other women in the industry is to be vulnerable in your process, allow yourself forgiveness, acceptance, and love.

The process is your own, and -

  • M-We all experience it differently.

J- Same, same but different.

Thank you so much ladies for taking the time to answer my questions!!!

Please go give their podcast a listen, follow them on social media! They're great!

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