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Original Cookies By Stewart Farms

You know I'm passionate about Cannabis in Canada, particularly in my home province of New Brunswick. Stewart Farms is one of those companies I've been drawn to since last year when I encountered them at Cannabis at the Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Over the last year, we've developed a great friendship with Stewart Farms. We have watched them flourish into the recreational market with their infamous bath bombs. Now they're bringing us dried, organically grown cannabis flower?! If you're not following Stewart Farms, you should be, as they're taking the cannabis world in Canada by storm.

Let's meet one of their newest products, Original Cookies. Clocking in at 20.44% THC, the aroma, effects and quality of this flower is incredible. I'm NOT just saying this because I'm biased; I'm saying this from a person who's tried MANY phenotypes of the Cookies strain.

Aroma, Taste & Appearance.

Cookies have a sweet smell, with the earthy undertones tickling your senses. Cookies lives up to its sweet but sassy name. As you continue to break up the buds, the sweet tones become more predominant, and you'll feel your taste buds start to tingle. The moment you ignite a bowl or joint and inhale, you'll be hit with a wave of flavour. Flavours of sweet and spicy will dance across your palate as you continue to savour the thick. Still, flavourful smoke Original Cookies By Stewart Farms produces.

Cookies buds are gorgeous gems to behold with striking colours of emerald green, with orange hairs covering the bud, nestled in deep purple leaves. This strain is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Users say it's almost mesmerizing to stare at before smoking. The trichomes on this batch are perfect. They glimmer in the sunshine and are sticky, resinous nugs.

Fresh ground Cookies


The predominant terpenes in this strain are Caryophyllene,Limonene and Linalool.


  • Aroma; Spicy pepper woody clove scent

  • Found in; Cloves, black pepper,cinnamon,basil, & oregano

  • Effects; Stress relief

  • Potential Medical effects; treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, and ulcers


  • Aroma; Citrus

  • Found in; Fruit rinds such as lemon, rosemary, and peppermint

  • Effects; Elevated mood, stress relief

  • Potential Medical effects; Anxiety, depression, pain and inflammation


  • Aroma; Floral

  • Found in; Lavender

  • Effects; Mood enhancement, Sedation

  • Potential medical effects; Treatment of anxiety/depression , pain/inflammation, insomnia & neurodegeneration.

The Effects

Known for its high levels of THC and sedating effects, this hybrid is a must-have from the novice user all the way to the cannabis connoisseur. Users radiate to this strain for a variety of reasons. After your first toke, you'll notice the feeling of euphoria overcome you. As the high creeps in and the Cannabis settles into your system, the whirlwind of bliss and happy thoughts will consume you. While being both uplifting but relaxing, this strain is a magical trip.

This strain is known for its exceptional medicinal properties. Medical users love this strain for its properties to help with the effects of stress and depression. Another use of Original Cookies is its ability to help relieve nausea and induce appetite in users suffering from gastro problems. Users suffering from nausea side-effects from medication or chemotherapy treatment will appreciate this strain for its stomach-soothing properties.

When users are looking to achieve pain relief, Cookies can help! Known for its capabilities to help soothe aches, pains, muscle spasms and more in users looking for pain relief without relying on NSAIDs. Prolonged use of NSAIDs is proven to cause damage to your body in the long run. And cause damage to your stomach lining, making them a less than desirable option for users who already suffer from gastro problems.

Stewart Farms is sure to continue conquering the cannabis market. I for one am excited to continue to watch them flourish and progress in this industry. If you want to support a company with a true passion and dedication to this craft, Stewart Farms is where it's at.

You can purchase Original Cookies & their other strain Sky Cuddler Double Kush through Cannabis New Brunswick retailers. Stay tuned for that review coming later this month!

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