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Proper Cannabis, A conversation with Becky Griffin.

Nestled in the vast province of Ontario , Canada a new cannabis beverage is going to be making waves this summer. Meet Proper, the first cannabis drink with 1 calorie and 10mg of THC. Proper in partnership with Molecule have created a very desirable beverage for those cannabis consumers who need that extra kick without the added calories. Their trial and error method eventually landed them the “ Proper” recipe to make this highly sought after beverage.

I had the pleasure of sitting down virtually with Rebecca “Becky” Griffin of Molecule cannabis. Becky is a mom of three and a decorated non alcoholic beverage scientist! She is one of the most down to earth humans I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Her knowledge, insights and overall genuine personality make her someone who is truly admirable in this industry. She works hand in hand with Proper and helped formulate the Proper beverage! Rebecca wanted to give a special shoutout to her sidekick and product development specialist, Victoria Brosseau. Together Rebecca and Victoria worked hand in hand to develop this beverage. Kudos to them for forming an amazing working bond and showing women how to work together instead of competing.

When Rebecca started into the cannabis industry she faced some judgment and backlash for being a woman in the industry. As things have progressed, Becky has found more people to be dropping the “stoner stigma” and are becoming more conscious and accepting of cannabis consumption as more familiar products are brought to the market. Becky believes in empowering women and advocating for the cannabis plant. She is a woman after our own heart.

Molecule believes that consumers want a diverse range of products instead of a narrow range of flavours. They are 100% driven by passion and creativity. Molecule is very family oriented and thrives on making sure family values come first. They truly care for their employees and the plant they’re representing. When these two powerhouse companies collaborated, they brought to the market this epic cannabis beverage.

“We knew the plant before it was a money maker”- Rebecca Griffin.

The beverage.

Let’s talk about Proper. This lemon-lime beverage is getting rave reviews across Ontario. Consumers are saying the flavour is superb with excellent effects. What’s truly unique about Proper and Molecule is the fact they used a form of Nano-infusion making the drink molecules smaller in order to make the onset time to come on faster and the high longer. Many cannabis beverages on the market that are branded for faster onset time also have a faster “come-down”. With Proper the high can last 2-4* hours. ( *Depending on the person and their metabolism ).



10mg THC 0mg CBD

Refreshing, relaxing and uplifting, Proper Lemon Lime delivers the perfect blend of citrus flavours. Whether you’re out with friends or enjoying some quiet time alone, Proper Lemon Lime is just what you’re looking for.

Our Lemon Lime beverage has just one calorie and is flash pasteurized, delivering100% flavour and 10mg of THC per serving.

We are excited to see more craft beverages coming to the market! The cannabis market is dominated by a few larger companies and it’s thrilling to see smaller companies be able to produce quality products with employees who truly have the passion for the plant and not just the profit.

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