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Is Legal Cannabis affordable?

Budget Legal Cannabis

Can legal cannabis be affordable & quality?

To my findings the main reason why many cannabis consumers won’t buy legal cannabis is due to the preconceived notion that it is expensive or not quality products. In my opinion this is false. As a mom on a budget I’m always looking for ways to find cannabis for my needs for the best prices. Legal cannabis was a game changer for me in the last couple years as a medical cannabis patient but I still found the recreational market pricey when it first was introduced in October 2018.

Recreational cannabis wasn't always affordable.

Upon the legalization of recreational Cannabis in Canada October 17th, 2018, the prices of cannabis were absurd and completely unaffordable.

The government and retailers realized this as they were failing to turn a successful profit from recreational cannabis sales. The grey market was still booming and cannabis sat on recreational store shelves gathering dust and losing its potency.

In the third Quarter of 2020 Canadian legal cannabis sales finally exceeded the grey market in terms of profits.

Read the article here .

Lower prices, more variety and a growing retailer sector has contributed to legal cannabis' success.

Why legal cannabis over the illicit market?

These reasons vary. The main reason to choose legal cannabis over the grey market is due to regulation and health concerns.

Unless you personally know the grower and trust their growing methods, you're taking a risk every time you buy unregulated cannabis.

Many growers have different growing methods and not all are the most safe practice. You're risking the contamination of bugs, pesticides, mould and other unpleasant things you do not want to be inhaling or consuming.

Legal cannabis is tested for quality assurance. If you receive a bad batch or run into any issues , you will have backup . Most Licensed Producers take complaints seriously and will rectify the situation to the best of their abilities.

All legal cannabis is put through rigorous testing to assure quality.

What brands are affordable?

I've spent the last few months trying all the budget strains I can find within Cannabis New Brunswick , Shelter Markets, And Medical Cannabis by Shoppers.

Many of the strains/ brands i'm about to share can be found across canada in various retailers or purchased online with a medical cannabis authorization.

Learn how to get your medical cannabis authorization for FREE here.

First up we have SHRED Cannabis by Organigram!

Shred Cannabis comes pre-milled. These means it's already ground for you.

Some consumers MAY find this unappealing and I was skeptical myself. I'm glad I tried it because it is honestly superior cannabis for a very excellent price. In New Brunswick through Cannabis NB Shred retails for

$ 34.99 taxes included for 7 grams.

This works out to $5 a gram for cannabis that is 18% THC or higher. Organigram assures it's customers these strains contain no shake or trim as they use the same pre-milled cannabis in their pre-rolls.

Next up is Shelter Markets $99 ounces.

Shelter Markets is one of Canada's best Licensed Producers in my humble opinion. Their cannabis, prices and craft cannabis program are something to marvel at. Their extensive menu boasts a plethora of craft cannabis strains from various mirco-producers & larger producers across Canada. They aim to source and provide Canadians with affordable micro cultivated craft cannabis.

They regularly have sales , offer compassionate pricing and have 99$ ounces of cannabis. Their current offer is GG #4 also known as Gorilla Glue #4.

I've tried it and was SO pleased. It's superior cannabis for the price. It's 3.53$ a gram for 28 grams. That's affordable.

Shelter Markets also includes the terpene levels on their website information. This is something I'm loving seeing as terpenes play a huge role in how cannabis can help you.

You need a medical cannabis authorization to purchase from Shelter Markets.

Learn how to for free here ;

Pure Sunfarms Balanced 1:1 Cannabis Flower

This is one of the most affordable balanced strains on the market. On Shoppers Drug Mart Medical Cannabis they offer 14 gram bags and 28 gram bags. The 14g bag is 56.99$ or 4.07$ a gram. The 28g bag is 3.57$ a gram or $99. These prices are reduced even further when you have a compassionate pricing discount. An additional 20% is taken off.

This blend of THC:CBD flower is excellent for daytime use to help ease pain and nausea.

It's slowly becoming a must-have in my life as it's such a great blend for all-day use.

It can be purchased through Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart. The strain is actually PennyWise, a great strain known for its relaxing & creative enhancing effects.

Simple Stash by Tweed

Simple Stash Sativa & Indica come in 10 gram containers from Cannabis NB & other retailers that carry Tweed products. This is my go-to brand when i'm between medical cannabis orders. It's affordable and consistently available. It comes in both Sativa & Indica strains and retails for 49.99$ or 5$ a gram. It consistently averages 15% THC. It is a tad dry depending on the batch but is easily revived when a humidity pack is used.

Legal cannabis is worth trying. You can find so many options for all prices points and rest assured knowing you're consuming safe lab-tested products. The government is always looking for feedback on how we can improve the recreational cannabis market. This is how the prices got lowered, Consumers complained and action was taken.

We have a voice and we can use it to help shape the future of legal cannabis in Canada.

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