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Six Cannabis Myths, Debunked!

When you think "weed", you automatically think of the stereotypical stoner.

The dude who chills in his grandma’s basement, smoking out of a dirty bong.

Wearing his typical stoner clothes with dreadlocks. Eating Cheetos in his dirty beanbag chair getting high 24/7 with his stoner buddies. Has no job, car, ambition, or goals. He sells dime bags out of grannies basement to get by.

Let me be the first to tell you, that’s completely false. Every day, successful people use cannabis and 99% of the time you’d have no idea. There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding cannabis and cannabis consumers. I have compiled a list of the 6 most common misconceptions when it comes to cannabis.

Myth One, All Cannabis users are "Lazy".

I beg to differ. Being a single parent, running a small farm and my own business keeps me on my toes. With the aid of cannabis, I'm able to maintain all my daily tasks and be a productive member of society.

On the daily, you encounter cannabis users and you'd have no idea. These people vary from your local barista, your co-workers in your office, the repair-person who fixed your washing machine.

My point is, No not all cannabis users are "lazy". You're lazy with or without cannabis.

Myth Two, We are all uneducated, potheads.

I blame the media for this. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Cheech & Chong, The TrailerPark Boys, and other "stoner" shows but they paint such a stereotypical picture of what people think cannabis users are.

NO, we don’t lose our cars or get lost on the way to fast food joints.

We don’t get high 24/7, eating snacks and laughing like unsupervised gremlins who got into the shroom stash.

A lot of cannabis users are successful people, for example:

-Bill Gates

-The Beatles


-Ben & Jerry

Would unmotivated stoners be able to build an ice cream empire?

I think not!

Myth Three, You can overdose on cannabis and DIE!

To date, there have been no recorded deaths from the overconsumption of cannabis.

You can do a certain degree “overdose” but its non-lethal. You are NOT going to die, I promise.

Side effects of overconsumption of cannabis products are:

  • anxiety,

  • paranoia,

  • dizziness,

  • sometimes vomiting and coordination issues.

This unpleasant sensation will pass. You can counteract a too intense high by remaining calm, drinking water or orange juice and staying hydrated. Taking a shower or getting outside for fresh air is another good way to help calm your nerves. You can also use CBD to help bring your high down. I gave my friend recently a 90mg of THC edible, It was getting too intense for him. So we counteracted it with 40mg of CBD and he was totally fine after that. You can TRY to overdose on cannabis but you’ll fall asleep before you achieve that, it’s physically impossible to do so.

Myth Four, CBD gets you high.

That’s a big NOPE.

THC is the molecular component of the cannabis plant that gives you the psychoactive high.

CBD is the component of the plant that has a plethora of health benefits, such as pain relief, helping with anxiety and depression, and many other health issues.CBD is non-intoxicating so it can be used during the day to ease your pain.

Inflammatory pain is vast and not limited to, all forms of arthritis, some autoimmune diseases such as chrons and other digestive issues that cause spasms and pain, and simple conditions such as headaches, PMS, and aches from exercise and work.

What’s great about CBD also is that it works without the risk of damaging your liver, heart, or cause gastrointestinal issues like NSAIDS can do.

As the demand for CBD increases, the research into CBD goes up.

Athletes are turning to CBD to help aid in recovery after working out to reduce inflammation and give them the relief without the harmful effects of repetitive use of pain medication.

Myth Five, Cannabis is a gateway drug.

Yes, a gateway to the refrigerator.

There are new studies being done in Canada showing how people with severe drug addictions are turning to cannabis and it’s working to stop their addiction! Research is also suggesting that we can help combat the opioid crisis with cannabis as a replacement for prescription pain medicine, cannabis is proving to be an exit drug! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6135562/

I’ve never once smoked a joint and thought,

“Damn, I’m not high enough, let’s do some cocaine off the dirty coffee table.”

Myth Six, Cannabis is only for getting high and has no medical benefits.

That’s funny. You are a funny person if you believe that statement. I’m just going to assume you live under a rock and think smoking cigarettes is considered “healthy” still.

The medical research behind cannabis for medical use is astounding!

Did you know over 30 countries have legalized medical cannabis?

Cannabis can help treat and help an assortment of illnesses and diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, MS, anxiety/depression, and fibromyalgia.

Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since July 30, 2001. We are such a progressive nation. I’m exceptionally grateful to live in a country that recognizes cannabis as a medicine.


There are many more taboos, misconceptions, rumours, outright ridiculousness I could go on about but I'll save that for another time. Cannabis is a magical plant where the benefits outweigh the negative. When used responsibly, cannabis is such a great tool to combat so many ailments, or just to relax and get a good night's sleep.

Cannabis won’t make you violent, there's no hangover, and you don’t have to worry about calling your ex up at 3 am crying. You’re more likely to be up at 3 am looking for snacks because you passed out early.

Remember to start slow and go with the flow when starting your cannabis journey.

Stay groovy.

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