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Soft-gel capsules in the cannabis market.

The Canadian legal market offers many products, but far too often, the soft gel capsules fall through the cracks of the cannabis market. Many Canadians are unaware of these offerings and miss a chance to reap the benefits of cannabis in a unique and familiar medium.

Cannabis capsules, also known as soft gels, are among the most underrated cannabis products in the legal cannabis market.

Cannabis capsule sales are almost on par with non-hot cannabis beverages on the recreational market in Ontario, yet why aren't we hearing more about them? With Canada capping legal edibles at a max of 10mg of THC. A bottle of soft gels can contain almost 100x the THC potency in edibles on the legal market.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of taking cannabis in small doses to achieve the relief you're looking for, without the psychoactive effects that THC produces in larger quantities. Many consumers opt for microdoses to continue to perform their daily tasks while achieving relief from various physical and mental ailments. Doses can vary from 2mg of THC to 10mg of THC. Amounts vary depending on the person and a few factors such as metabolism, age, and tolerance.

Things to consider

Cannabis capsules are discreet and a familiar medium. Capsules are typically the size of your standard pill and require no additional hardware to consume. The capsules have no odour or flavour as well, making them easy for discreet consumption.

Consistent, Pre-measured Dose.

Cannabis capsules and soft gels are pre-measured to give an accurate dose of CBD, THC, or both. This assures you that you're getting the correct amount of THC/CBD you desire every time you consume them. The capsules take 1-2 hours to kick in but provide more prolonged effects of up to 6-8+ hours.

How much should you start with?

There is no proper answer to this due to the fact cannabis reacts differently with everyone. Things such as your metabolism, genetics, age, previous cannabis consumption, and liver are factors in how your body processes cannabis. Many capsules & soft gels start with 2mg-2.5mg of THC, which is a great dose, to begin with.

Why didn’t the Microdose work?

Even after waiting two hours and consuming more cannabis, you don’t feel the effects in some situations.

Why is this?

This phenomenon is known as “ first-pass metabolism”.

This is a process when your body is so sneaky and good at breaking down things, that instead of being broken down and metabolized in the liver, the compound is cleaned out and goes through your system without effect.

First pass metabolism doesn’t just affect cannabis consumption, it can affect pharmaceuticals as well.

It’s because of this phenomenon that you may not feel the desired effects of the microdose.

You may also need a larger dose, it is recommended to wait two hours and see how you’re feeling .it is recommended to eat a small meal with your cannabis microdose if you’re using oils or capsules., something fatty such as cheese, avocado, or another fatty food item to help minimize this effect and make your edibles more effective so you can reap the benefits.

My favorite products.

Tweed Argyle Softgels.

This Indica dominant strain is the perfect blend of THC:CBD. Many users have used them for sleeping purposes and report back saying they have a great sleep. This low-dose softgel has 2.5mg of THC to 2-4mg of CBD. This is a great starting point for those new to cannabis.

DoseCann Capsules

Dosecann offers one of the most unique cannabis capsules in the Canadian market. Dosecann is located in Prince Edward Island, a small island on the east coast of Canada. Their unique approach to cannabis oil makes them truly special. They use Ahiflower in their capsules. Ahiflower is a naturally growing plant in nature that's now cultivated in crops to harvest. Each bloom produces approximately four seeds which are then pressed into Ahiflower oil. When the seeds are pressed, they create a marvellous, healthy omega-rich oil. Their CBD rich capsules are excellent and a product I throughly recommend for your daily CBD needs. They come in various doses for everyone’s particular needs.

Redecan Gems

These are a personal favourite of mine. I use the 5:0 Redecan Gems when I'm needing a longer boost of THC. I recommend these softgels for the more experienced cannabis consumer as they're a larger dose of just THC. They're discreet and easy to consume on the go. They

They come in three options:

  • Redecan Gems 5:0 THC

  • Reddecan Gems 5:5 THC:CBD

  • Reddecan Gems 0:10 CBD

Capsules are the future of Cannabis consumption in my opinion,

I reccomend trying them out if you're new to cannabis or if you're looking for a new option for consumming cannabis.

All these opinions are mine. I am not a medical professional and cannot offer any medical advice. Please consult a healh practioner. These words are my own & belong to Higher Living Jess.

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