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Organic farming and cannabis: Welcome
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Organic farming and cannabis: Testimonials
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Behind the Scenes of Stewart Farms.

Nestled in the small town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick Canada, the next wave of cannabis farming is in full swing. Stewart Farms and Their unique approach to farming is something to marvel at as they’re maintaining sustainable growth while producing incredible cannabis products. Marc (BlazinAcadian) and myself were invited to come tour the facility.

This is the Mom room!

You can follow Marc on Instagram here. We met on the app and bonded over our mutual love and appreciation for New Brunswick cannabis. He's a great person and takes immaculate photos! There will be more tours coming from us this year.

In order to tour the facility you have to suit up in PPE. No outer germs or pests can be introduced to the plants. Along with hairnets!

The tour was hosted by Tanner Stewart CEO, Genevieve Newton Head Grower & Director of Cultivation and Catrina Jackson COO & Product development. These three humans are some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals I've had the pleasure of meeting. I've never seen a CEO who was so thrilled to join us on a tour and see the plants. Their appreciation for their staff is very apparent as well from the cleanliness of the facility.

I’ve previously interviewed Catrina before they launched products to the market! I met Stewart Farms for the first time at Cannabis at the Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick. I was instantly attracted and intrigued by their in depth display explaining terpenes and cannabinoids. We connected on Instagram after the conference and the rest is history.

Watching the evolution of Stewart Farms has been something to marvel at. They’ve successfully launched their products in New Brunswick, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland since their 2020 launch. With over 20 SKUs on the market, Stewart Farms has a diverse line of products available. Some of the most popular items they create are their infamous bath bombs! Along with their newer line of topicals called "Rebound", One of the most affordable and potent topical lines in the recreational market.

Did you know...?

That all bath bombs are made in house by hand!? Every bath bomb you purchase from Stewart Farms was made by a real human. Their topical department spends their days handcrafted some of the most luxurious bath products. The scents present in the bath products are all naturally sourced and organic. Each terpene profile is carefully and expertly blended with the help of essential oils. The packaging is biodegradable, including the "plastic" wrap protecting the bombs.

This room smelled so pretty! Look at all those bath bombs! Bubba Kush ones!

How do the plants get their nutrients?

Stewart Farms produce their own nutrients in combination with Aquaponics, The cycle is fascinating and briefly explained below;

  • The fish are fed a carefully selected and nutrient-dense diet to keep them happy and healthy.

  • As the fish eat and digest their by-products aka poop is converted by microbes in their biofilters and transformed into completely natural fertilizer to grow their plants.

  • The fertilizer is transported to the plants and they take what nutrients and then return the clean water to the fish in a beautiful sustainable cycle.

  • And the cycle begins again!

What’s incredible about the fish is the fact they’re raised with care and love. These fish are a breed of tilapia. Later when they’ve reached the end of their journey in helping grow amazing cannabis, they’re harvested and used for food. Many were donated throughout the St. Stephen area to various organizations and culinary schools. This creates an extremely sustainable cycle. It’s one to admire and take notes from.

Meet the plants

Let’s talk about the plant rooms. Where do I even start?

First, the cleanliness was impeccable. Every surface was squeaky, sparking clean. It was so clean the floor and walls gleamed. You could eat off the floor 100%! The team at Stewart Farms takes great pride in their facility and team. You can tell from how the facility is.

First off, all the baby plants are cut from their mom. The Mom room is a room full of mother plants! They’re solely used to cut new babies from.

Look at this Momma plant.

HOW though?

The growers cut pieces off the mom plant and put them into a growing medium where they develop roots and become new plants! It’s a cool process.

Next, we got to see the baby room. This is where the plants start! These are clones cut from the mother plants. They will grow up to be gorgeous cannabis plants! It’s remarkable to see a plant grow from a mighty little clones into a whole plant.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jess as well who was in the clone room taking care of the baby plants! Jess is one of the employees at the facility who was in on a Sunday to make sure all the plants were cared for.

Tanner Stewart showing us some fresh baby clones!

Photo by Marc Leblanc. Healthy baby clones

After the plants graduate from the nursery they move into their next room to continue growing till it’s time to flip to flowering. Each plant is inspected daily by the grow team for any abnormalities or imperfections. The grow team has eyes like a hawk, they’re remarkable humans who care for hundreds of plants daily.

The flowering rooms honestly blew my mind. I can’t even begin to describe how it is to be amongst so many plants. The energy in the rooms was electrifying. You could feel the plants just oozing in magic and love. These plants below still had a fair amount of time ahead till harvest. They were incredible to see in this state!

We also had the pleasure of experiencing a room that was close to harvest! The SMELL! I can’t get it out of my mind. It was intoxicating. I’ve never seen so many lovely plants in one spot. My brain is still processing it all and it’s been almost two weeks.

This room is housing Hollywood OG and she smells like a onion burger in the best way! I’ve never experienced such a unique scent. Every plant is so healthy and well loved! You couldn’t find any imperfections. The team is top notch!

They have this handy dandy digital microscopes to check the trichomes!

This experience was incredible.

The pride the team has in their facility , along with the passion are truly admirable. Stewart Farms is truly a force to be reckoned with. I stand firm in my love for their products. With them being in so many provinces, there is no excuse not to try them.

Thank you again to Gen, Catrina and Tanner! Your hospitality is greatly appreciate. These people are some of the most down to earth humans and have such a deep passion for cannabis.

Find their website here.

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