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Organic farming and cannabis: Welcome
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Organic farming and cannabis: Testimonials
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Stewart farms, the future of Cannabis cultivation.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

An introduction to sustainable cannabis growing and conversation with Catrina Jackson, Project manager of Stewart Farms Life.

Nestled in the small town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick Canada, the next wave of cannabis farming is in full swing. Stewart Farms and Their unique approach to farming is something to marvel at as they’re maintaining sustainable growth while using a vertical growing method is something they’re working towards !

They produce their own nutrients in combination with Aquaponics, The cycle is fascinating and briefly explained below;

  • The fish are fed a carefully selected and nutrient-dense diet to keep them happy and healthy.

  • As the fish eat and digest their by-products aka poop is converted by microbes in their biofilters and transformed into completely natural fertilizer to grow their plants.

  • The fertilizer is transported to the plants and they take what nutrients and then return the clean water to the fish in a beautiful sustainable cycle.

  • And the cycle begins again!

For a full interactive explanation, Check out

Stewart Farms will be bringing a whole new frontier to the Canadian cannabis industry with its innovative farming methods, and sustainable practices !

Stewart Farms has recently been approved by Health Canada and is now in the beginning phases of growing and will start producing legal cannabis products for the medical and recreational market in the future.

What’s truly unique about them is the fact they’ve already established a customer base and sell products, with no cannabis in them! They’ve developed a whole line of

“ Cannabis inspired” Bath products that are PHENOMENAL.

These products are inspired by some of the most popular cannabis strains such as Bubba Kush, Train Wreck, And Blue dream. These products are handcrafted, packed in biodegradable packaging and the oils and botanicals are sustainably sourced. These oils are carefully selected to replicate the delicate and complex terpene profiles found in these iconic strains.

I recently connected with the project manager, Catrina Jackson on the social media platform Instagram and we’ve developed a budding friendship. She also makes the bath products you see on

As a woman in the cannabis industry, I’m always looking to interact and gather inspiration and valuable knowledge from these established women and Catrina is a total boss babe in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Just within a few messages exchanged and a phone conversation later, I was thrilled to “meet” such a groovy woman! Her values and passion for cannabis are truly admirable and she has the most joyful personality.

was honoured to ask her some questions pertaining to her career and life at Stewart Farms and how cannabis has helped her!

What is your official job title at Stewart Farms?

My official job title is Project Manager here at Stewart Farms. The biggest component of the job is conducting research and development for the newest wave of cannabis products currently entering the market; specifically topicals. I am the company herbalist and take the lead in selecting ingredients and processes for infused product lines.

I also manage and hand-produced our line of non-infused “strain inspired” products that are currently available!

In addition to developing and testing topical formulas, I execute and manage events like Cannabis at the Coliseum event!

What inspired you to make cannabis-inspired bath products?

“ During a lecture at Renaissance College, UNB, back in 2008, one of my professors said something that completely changed the way I thought about the products I was putting on my skin. She said “We like to believe our products are safe, but what many of you don’t know is that the shampoo you used to wash your hair this morning is actually full of toxic ingredients”

I was floored. I chose organic food and holistic medicine, I ate a vegetarian diet;I was being smart about what I put in my body, but I hadn’t been considering what I was putting ON my body to the same extent. I went back to my apartment, and sure enough, there they were; sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates...I kept reading and researching ingredients until I didn’t trust any of the self-care products in my home.

I returned to my hometown that summer to work at my mum's business, a soap boutique in St. Andrews. Together, we researched, experimented and grew a line of all-natural skincare products. We decided on a 100% natural product philosophy and we stuck to it. I studied aromatherapy, herbalism and holistic skincare for years, expanding and developing products specifically suited to what I was looking for on the market.

I developed pre and post-partum mama products during my pregnancies, a natural cloth-diaper baby line when my first was born, tattoo balms, pain salves and more. If there was a product I wanted, I made it myself, because I didn’t trust what was available on the market.

When my second child was born I began to experience extreme anxiety and depression. I left my position at the boutique to try and focus on my mental health, but I continued to struggle.

Shortly after my son's first birthday, my husband pleaded with me to try cannabis. I had been a regular user of cannabis before my pregnancies but at this point, I hadn’t smoked in 4 years. I started with a high THC strain I had enjoyed before becoming a mama, it was a terrible idea. My heart pounded, my head throbbed and I was a paranoid mess. I said no to cannabis.

Months later I was in far worse shape. I was no longer sleeping, I was angry and lashing out, and I was miserable. My voice trembled when I spoke and I constantly felt like I was on the verge of tears. My husband pushed again, this time for me to try a high CBD, low THC variety.

It was life-changing. I could speak without my voice shaking, I felt calm enough to process my own thoughts, and the little things didn’t bother me, but I still wasn’t sleeping.

After a few weeks on my new CBD regimen, I began to experiment with small to moderate doses of THC. I did research on strains that were known to help with sleep, that's when I discovered Bubba Kush. After a few puffs my shoulders relaxed, my eyes grew heavy, and I fell asleep.

That changed everything. I was full of excitement and passion, and a burning desire to research and learn more.

When my husband tore his rotator cuff I began researching topical pain management benefits of cannabinoids and made him a salve from cannabis bud, leaves and stems and other botanicals. Encouraged by the results I began infusing cannabis and making my own infused bath bombs, I became completely hooked and began sharing them with friends. "

What is your favourite thing about working for Stewart Farms?

“Aside from being appreciated for my nerdiness surrounding all things cannabis…

I first heard about Stewart Farms from a local news article about a new cannabis company that was starting its operations in St. Stephen. The article outlined the company’s desire to grow, process and distribute its products in a sustainable way while bringing desperately needed jobs and revenue to my community. Their desire to grow really good cannabis using indoor vertical aquaponics made all my nerdy senses tingle… I was hooked!

Now that I have settled into my role within the core team I have realized that Stewart Farms is so much more than a “cannabis company”, it’s an agricultural technology company paving the way for the future of regenerative, sustainable farming. “

What is your favourite terpene?

" Linalool!!!!

I love linalool!

By default, I am a tightly wound ball of stress and anxiety, so I need ALL the linalool. Linalool is most commonly found in lavender, but it’s also a common cannabis terpene found in sedating cultivars like Bubba Kush and Purple indica strains.

I love linalool for its sedating and analgesic properties. It promotes a sense of calm which is experienced mentally and physically due to its antidepressant and muscle relaxant properties. "

What does it mean to be a woman in Cannabis to you?

I like to think I am a small part of a big, badass group of women working towards spreading information and killing stigma. As a working mama who reaches for a puff after the kids go to bed a means to unwind, reflect and pause, I feel as though it is part of my mission to make other parents feel supported in choosing to use cannabis. “

Any advice for women looking to get into the cannabis industry?

“Live your passion and be fearless! The cannabis industry is fast-paced; it is constantly changing and evolving, if you are an adaptable person and that excites you, go for it!

The cannabis space is HUGE, find the piece that excites you the most and pursue it.”

Stewart Farms is the next cannabis generation of cannabis cultivation and growing. I'm excited to follow their journey and witness how they'll shape and influence the Canadian Cannabis industry.

I'll be releasing a terpene series inspired by Stewart Farms! Be on the lookout for that coming soon. I want to thank Catrina and the whole team at Stewart farms for what they do! Their passion for sustainable farming is admirable and something I strongly support being a farmer myself.

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