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Summer 2021 Recreational Cannabis products!

The recreational cannabis market in Canada is rolling out plenty of new and exciting products for the summer 2021 season. Tweed released two new beverages, and a new HousePlant Canada beverage flavour.

PureSun farms released cannabis infused gummies in two flavours under the brand name, White Rabbit OG. Along with pre-rolls from Crystal Cure here in beauty NB.

Let’s dive into my favourite products for the summer!

Tweed Iced Teas.

These are surprisingly NOT carbonated like every other legal beverage is. The taste was decent and similar to an earthy iced tea flavour. Tweed has released a lemon and a raspberry flavoured iced tea beverage. Each beverage contains 5mg of THC each. The Tweed Lemon Iced tea contains 5 mg of sativa dominant cannabis distillate and 0-1mg CBD. The Tweed Raspberry iced tea beverage also contains 5 mg of sativa dominant cannabis distillate and 0-1mg CBD. Both of these beverages are best served ice cold and preferably over ice. I’ve yet to try the raspberry one, but follow me on social media to see my thoughts!

House Plant Lime sparkling water.

I just need to start with saying I LOVE all of the HousePlant sparkling beverages but I think lime is my new favourite flavour. With 2.5mg of THC it’s the perfect summer afternoon beverage for the beach or lake. All their flavours are superb and with 0 grams of sugar it’s a good option for those people who aren’t able to consume sugary beverages. I’m a fan and highly recommend these drinks.

White Rabbit OG.

These gummies are fantastic and made with real fruit! They’re also plant based, gluten free, allergen free and free of preservatives. White Rabbit OG really took into consideration a broad spectrum of cannabis consumers and crafted some amazing fruit chew inspired gummies. They come in a package of four with 2.5mg of THC per candy. The two flavours I’ve tried are their Craft Blueberry and Craft Sour Peach. They’re both delicious and have a great consistency. The sour peach is my preferred flavour as they remind me of the candy Fuzzy Peaches, but the White Rabbit OG peach gummies are FAR superior and cannabis infused.

I am also a fan of their branding and packaging colours. Within Canada our cannabis laws restrict what licensed producers can do regarding marketing. White Rabbit OG has adorable colours and a great logo.

Crystal Cure Farmer Series Tiger Bomb Pre-rolls.

Grown in Dieppe , New Brunswick in partnership with Golden Peak Cannabis, Farmed in living soil using organic growing methods. This Indica-leaning hybrid is a cross of MAC 69 X The Menthol from Compound Genetics. The batch I had clocked in at 21.2% THC with 3.00% terpenes! I was so pleased and I'm supporting a local business!

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