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THC Suppositories, The new way to slay menstrual pain.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

*updated as of June 2022. originally published November 2021.

Recently Prairie Grass Inc based in Alberta Canada launched the first legal THC suppositories to the medical market. These are available through the medical market on various platforms & in recreational stores.

Created by sisters Rebecca and Oliva from Southern Alberta, Prairie Inc is on 4000 acres of farmland. These fourth generation farmers cultivate cannabis along with produce. This puts food on their table and others!

How groovy is that?!

What are the ‘Relief Pods’?

The relief pods are suppositories carefully designed to provide relief vaginally and rectally. Suppositories offer a faster absorption for more relief. These pods are made with the strain Bruce Banner and have approximately 10mg of THC per pod. There are five pods per package and they retail for $34.99 plus applicable taxes. If you qualify for compassionate pricing with your medical cannabis provider, they may be cheaper. I am currently with Abba Medix and they carry the relief pods in THC & CBD form.

Using Relief THC pods Vaginally.

I personally purchased these to relieve menstrual pain and discomfort. I suffer from extreme cramps and often need to reach for naproxen to relieve my pain. When I heard there were suppositories coming to market, I knew I needed to try them immediately. These work by being interested in the vaginal canal. The female reproductive system has many cannabinoid receptors, especially in the uterus. They’re also found in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, vulva and vagina. Cannabinoids work to relieve pain in two ways. They help lower inflammation and help desensitize the nerves.

*The effects will vary from person to person based on their age, the thickness of the epidermis and where you are in your menstrual cycle.

How to insert them.

  • Remove one pod from the package.

  • Wash your hands before use.

  • Get in a sitting or standing position, Whichever is comfortable for you. ( It’s like inserting a tampon )

  • Insert approximately 2-3 inches into the vaginal canal

  • It is recommended to get in a comfortable lying position for 15 minutes to allow the suppository to absorb.

How are the effects?

I inserted one around 1;20 pm in the afternoon. I'm in the midst of my period and my cramps were extremely unpleasant today. Within 30/40 minutes I felt a pleasant warmth go through my pelvic region, as it progressed the relief spread to my hips, lower back and vulva area. Things felt “numb”almost but good. The cramps have been pleasantly at bay and it’s approximately 6:30pm now. I can only report on the vaginal effects as I’m only using them in that manner. Due to prior surgeries on my rectal area, I tend to avoid the area. I wish I would’ve had access to them when healing from prior surgeries as they would have provided excellent pain relief.

* This is my experience and opinion. Please speak to a medical professional before use.

Will my vagina get high? Will I get high?

The short answer is no.

The canabinoids are aborbed through the wall of the vaginal canal and go directly to the bloodstream to provide relief. In order to get the “high” sensation from THC , it needs to pass through the liver to be broken down and metabolized.

Are they worth it?

I would 100% purchase these again for menstrual pain and discomfort. I’m pleased with the product and how effective it is for me. I’m excited to see such a product FINALLY come to market. We need more products that can be tailored for use for menstrual pain. Many women and individuals suffer from extreme pain on a monthly basis. If we can find even a small amount of relief , it’s worth it.

Thank you Prairie Grass Inc for curating this product! Find them below;

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