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What is Cannabis concentrates?

In this day and age, it’s not always what strain is best. It’s usually what’s better, Concentrates or flower? You will see people on social media raving about their “terpy dabs” or bragging about the massive dab they did. But what is it?

Why are there so many kinds?

Is it safe?

Dried flower is exactly what it says it is. You have the dried flower taken off the cannabis plant. You grind it and smoke it.

Concentrates are on a whole other level. With flower, it’s typically 20% medicinal properties and 80% plant matter.

Concentrates are made by extracting the medicinal compounds from the plant matter. Several or more grams of the flower is taken and turned into powerful grams of pure cannabis wax, which takes on many forms such as oil or shatter. Concentrates are really just a broad word to describe the vast ways of extraction.

It can get confusing, but I’m here to break it down for you.

Are concentrates healthier than flower?

When smoke flower, you’re getting that 20 % of medical benefits but you’re also inhaling 80% burnt plant matter as well. This isn’t harmful but it isn’t beneficial either.

When you’re smoking cannabis concentrates, you’re getting anywhere from 50-80% medicinal compounds.

Also if you notice when consume you concentrate through a glass device with water, your water doesn’t get dirty as fast because you’re not burning any plant matter! I have to clean my bong often, My dab rig isn’t as often at all.

With this being said, concentrates are much more powerful than dried flowers. A small dab will usually do you. Don’t be foolish like me.

When I first started dabbling more regularly, I was dispensing distillate into my heated quartz banger and instead of a 0.1 gram dab, I did an almost .5 gram dab. That was intense. BE CAREFUL, start low and slow and work your way up.

How is it made?

Cannabis concentrates are made using the BHO method. Butane is used to extract the medical components of cannabis and then the butane is removed from the oil. This results in various concentrates, the texture determines their name such as wax, crumble, or shatter.

We also have solventless options, this method uses no butane extraction and uses heat or water to extract the concentrates. This is a great option for people who are wary of consumer products using BHO extractions.

There’s also CO2 extraction. Onli Flowers is an up and coming vape cartridge company that specializes in C02 extraction.

If you don’t know what C02 extraction is, C02 extraction is one of the best ways to extract oil from the cannabis flower.

Why is this?

Because of this method, all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavour are preserved so you get a full spectrum experience. The major cannabinoids are captured such as THC and CBD but with this method, every minor cannabinoid is preserved along with the terpenes and flavour.

If you know anything about terpenes, you’ll know they're responsible for the taste, smell, and effects of the cannabis you’re vaping.

Terpenes are delicate and when they’re heated to their proper potential, you’re reaping the full benefits of the terpenes! When you’re purchasing vape pens or cartridges that are prefilled, you’re getting terpenes also. They’re typically readded to give you all those fun flavours, as when the cannabis is processed into oil, the terpenes are naturally stripped.

BUT with Onli Flowers C02 extraction methods, those terpenes aren’t stripped and are kept in tack to give you a full spectrum cannabis experience.

What are my options?

Wax- similar to hash as it’s a softer concentrate usually sold in 1gram chunks.

Shatter- exactly the same as wax but it’s harder and typically will break apart and “shatter”

Crumble- basically a drier version of wax. Crumble is not as sticky and can be easily picked up. I like to add it to my bowls of dried flower.

Other concentrates with the names sap, sugar, and budder are just variations of concentrates defined by their texture.

Live resin- is made with frozen flower instead of dried flower. This method preserves the terpenes and gives it a better smell and flavour than most concentrates

Rosin- this has become increasingly popular over the last year. It’s one of the easiest ways to extract the concentrates from the dried flower. This method is basically the flower being pressed under heat and pressure to release its medicated oils.

Distillate- It comes in a syringe for proper dosage. It can come flavoured or unflavoured. It is ready to eat, add to your food, or dab it.

Vape pens- These can come in a wide variety of options! You can get disposable and twist on cartridges that are pre-filled with concentrates, They’re super user friendly and discreet!

Why vape pens?

If you have respiratory problems, vaping is for you! Even people with asthma can reap the benefits of vaping! There needs to be more research into this but we know that overall that lighting ANYTHING on fire and breathing it in can irritate your lungs. You want to keep them fresh so you can continue to be that groovy cannabis smoking soul for many years to come.

Also, the discretion of a vape is a thing of beauty.

You’re at your annual family reunion, Great aunt Cindy who thinks weed is the devil’s delight is there. Instead of facing the wrath of Aunty Cindy when you come back from the joint break with Cousin Jimmy, You bring a vape pen and have a conversation with Aunt Cindy and she has no idea you’re getting lifted while using that little vape pen. Instead of smelling like you just rolled out of a hippie van, there’s little to no odour when you vape.

Cannabis is legal in our beautiful country, but certain provinces prohibit smoking cannabis in public but allow tobacco use. This way you can still smoke in public, and not be obvious. As fun as it is to whip a bong, pipe or joint out, Not everyone likes the smell of cannabis.

With vape pens, you can carry them around in your pocket or bag for easy portability. No need for lighters, pipes, papers, or grinders!

How do you “dab” vs. smoking flower.

Consuming concentrates can almost be like a small scientific experiment when you’re first starting out!

There are so many options on what you can use to “ dab”. From dab rigs that are similar to bongs, except you heat a hot nail or quartz banger and wait for it too cool to a proper temperature and apply the dab and take it. This is not the easiest way to learn how to dab but I’ve done it through a lot of trial and error. You need extreme heat to heat the nail to the proper temperature, So using a butane torch will be your new BFF.

You can also buy vape pens as mentioned above that are pre-filled and super easy to use and are discreet.

Onli Flowers has strain-specific cartridges.

The ease of use, the portability and the flavours are incredible. I choose myself a GSC cart and have been beyond pleased with it. The flavour is prominent, the effects are substantial, and its ease of use is great! They sent me a WestCulture smartpen to go with it. This Smart-Pen is excellent as it has various temperature controls and a buttonless draw-activated technology.

Cannabis concentrates and vape pens are Future of cannabis consumption. As we become a more health-conscious society and more research is done and developed, I feel more people will turn to cannabis concentrates!

do you use cannabis concentrates?! What’s your favourite brand !

let me know.

As always , stay groovy.

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