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Who is Jess Hope?

Jess is a third-generation farmer and self-taught writer. Upon completion of High School in 2009 in Salisbury, New Brunswick.

Jessica then moved out to Alberta and spent a few years enjoying life and working as a Subway restaurant assistant manager, before settling down and having a son in May of 2014.

Jessica officially moved home to the family farm in beautiful New Brunswick in 2016. Jessica has gone on to continue the farming tradition while raising rabbits , organic vegetables, and most recently Pygmy goats. Where farming is one of Jessica’s joys , Cannabis is her true passion.

In 2018 Jess became an avid Instagram user and went on to work with various up and coming cannabis companies promoting products, doing reviews, and learning herself about how cannabis can be a valuable tool to help many people. She also went on to learn more about how Cannabis can help her and her family.

She treats her livestock, pets, and family with cannabis products!

In 2019 she made her writing debut blogging for several companies, helping design websites; and various other cannabis-related work.

As Jessica’s passion grew for cannabis, her work grew more recognized, she began working with other people and established companies in the cannabis industry such as Birch & Fog, Weed Development, Magnolia Wellness, Hydrated Leaf, MarryJane Delicacies and more.

Jessica has now helped over 150 Canadians obtain their cannabis prescription. She continues to educate and pursue her passion of being a cannabis writer and educator, with hopes of educating the older generation about the benefits of cannabis.

In Jess's spare time you can find her making weird videos, running threw the woods like a bear. Growing organic cannabis, chasing her goats and son.

Or hidden away in a hammock with a joint.

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