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Why medical cannabis?

Updated: Apr 3

The benefits and how to obtain your medical cannabis prescription for FREE in Canada, online.

What are the benefits now that we can access cannabis at any recreational store or online from various grey market vendors?

Recreational cannabis came into play on October 17, 2019, across Canada. This allows Canadians of legal age to purchase up to 30 grams of legal cannabis at a time.

Why does purchasing from a recreational store or unregulated market seem more appealing than the process of obtaining a valid medical prescription? Many Canadians are vastly misinformed of the benefits or assume it costs money, or they are a patient of a very “ anti-cannabis” doctor or medical practitioner.

There are clinics and unregulated vendors who will charge a fee to obtain a prescription or charge a membership fee that allows you to shop at their store.

This is unethical because medical cannabis is about allowing patients to have access to safe cannabis, not charging them unnecessary fees when they’re looking for relief to treat various medical conditions.

Medical cannabis is one of the oldest medicines known to man and was prohibited in Canada till July 2001 when the Access to medical cannabis act came into play.

This allowed Canadians suffering from deliberating symptoms of various diseases, cancer treatment, arthritis, and other medical conditions safe access to Cannabis.

I am into my fifth year of being a legal cannabis patient and I don’t regret that decision for a moment. I only wish I did it sooner but I was misinformed and did not know the proper protocols for obtaining my cannabis prescription. I was under the impression that getting a legal prescription would cost me money! Alas, I was wrong and am glad I pursued this.

So how do I book an appointment?

Meet the newest medical cannabis platform.

Through Kuzen you’ll be able to obtain your medical cannabis authorization & be able to order from their variety of various craft cannabis brands.


Francais -

Or now use Lyte Clinic to sign up! Easy and available to all of Canada!

Here at Higher Living with Jess we strongly advise and recommend you speak with a medical practitioner before you use cannabis. At they have a dedicated cannabis nurse & cannabis expert available to speak to as well.

Some of the import points for you to consider when getting a medical cannabis authorization.

  1. Potential medication interactions.

CBD and THC do interact with some medications. At a recreational store, you are not speaking to a health professional and legally they cannot offer health advice to you about medical conditions and what products may or may not work.

At a recreational store as well, They do not know what medications will interact with your current medical prescriptions. This can lead to a bad interaction, lack of support, and a lack of efficiency.

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are hesitant to try cannabis due to the fear of interactions. When you book an online appointment with a medical practitioner who prescribes cannabis, they can legally inform you of the drug interactions, teach you proper dosing

2. Affordability.

While some products on the recreational market are cheaper, the vast majority of cannabis on the medical side can be purchased at more affordable rates. Especially if you qualify for compassionate pricing.

You also have access to a more steady supply of medical cannabis with more therapeutic options such as topicals and high CBD products. When you purchase from a recreational store they don’t offer discounts typically or compassionate pricing. Also at a recreational store, they cannot discuss any potential medical benefits a product may have! offers weekend discounts , free shipping over 150$ and a discount on your first order!

A comprehensive guide to what Licensed Producers that offer discounts can be found here.

3. Insurance.

A few insurance companies are now covering medical cannabis under their drug insurance policies as well for certain medical conditions. This is still murky water due to the fact cannabis does not a DIN, which is a drug identification number that makes it hard for insurance companies to process such claims. Cannabis is vast, so it makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to label it and come up with a generic number to add it to the DIN system in Canada. As more research goes into Medical Cannabis, the government and other health professionals are developing ways to make cannabis more medically accessible to patients for fair prices. Employers are now being given the option to opt into coverage for medical cannabis for their employees.

At they’re connected to Veterans affairs Canada and can help you get your medicine covered. Contact them today to learn more.

4. Taxes.

You can claim your medical cannabis purchases on your yearly tax return. Medical cannabis is considered a medical expense and can be claimed in two different ways depending on your taxable income amount.

5. Possession limits and Human rights.

As a medical cannabis patient, you are authorized to carry up to 150 grams as opposed to the 30 grams a recreational user may possess. A medical user can carry 150 grams or 3 x the amount of their authorized limit in public.

As for human rights, under the ACMPR act, a medical patient has more protection, accommodations, and rights when it comes to working, driving, and housing.

Learn more here.

Medical cannabis is awesome and has MANY positive benefits. If you have any questions, Don't hesitate to reach out.

* This blog is my own opinions and writing. All thoughts are ownership of HigherLivingwithJess. All links are credited. I am not a medical professional and cannot offer medical advice.

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