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Organic farming and cannabis: Testimonials
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Women who Grow; A conversation with Cori.

I had the pleasure of asking the talented Canna Cori, a badass female cannabis grower with the cannabis community a few questions.

I've found the cannabis growing scene to be highly male-dominated. I have had a hard time posting my grows on social media due to the backlash from male growers offering unsolicited growing advice. This was until I discovered the world of female cannabis growers and Cori has been one of the sweetest, talented, and gorgeous cannabis growers I've had the pleasure of virtually meeting!

She took the time to answer questions while out on an adventure in the wilderness.

I'm attaching her Instagram so you can go follow her!

What inspired you to start growing cannabis?

I knew I wanted to grow my own cannabis from the time I started medicating with it.

I was really inspired by the need and desire for clean medicine.

I suffer from several headache conditions all triggered by chemicals, pesticides etc so I knew I had to have organically grown cannabis to prevent triggering more attacks.

So I started doing some research, ordering gear, checking out Instagram and before long I was growing 3 little bag seeds of my own. I saw on IG other women growing stunning plants and succeeding and thought “I can do that too!”

It was seeing these other women doing it that really lit the fire under me to start myself.

What challenges have you faced being a woman in the growing community?

The cannabis industry is hugely male-dominated both commercially and in-home growing. And I think there’s, unfortunately, a lot of men out there that think growing is for the boys. I used to have one guy that would constantly bombard me with message after message of what I was doing wrong. But never any positive feedback. I’ve had to grow a thicker skin to deal with people like that. So I feel stronger for it. Plus I know who to go to if I need advice on something.

Cannabis Grown by Cori!

What positive have you experienced being open about growing cannabis?

Overall there have been a lot more positives than negatives! Through IG I discovered a thriving community of female growers all supporting one another. I have connected with male growers who support females in the industry. And I feel like I’ve found a place where I can be myself. I can talk openly about growing cannabis! The people in the cannabis community are so supportive of each other and it’s amazing to watch people who want to see others do well. It’s not a competition it’s about all growing the best medicine for ourselves!

What is your favourite strain to grow?

This is hard to pick!! But I think my favourite strain to grow so far has been the Hindu Kush. It’s one of my favourite strains to smoke and I think that’s why I enjoyed it so much. It had really strong indica traits and was very easy to grow.

Another gorgeous grow by Cori !

Any advice for other growers ?!

My biggest piece of advice is this: remember that growing cannabis is not a competition, each garden will be as unique as the gardener. It’s easy, especially on IG, to get caught up in comparing yourself to others. So do what works for you best and try not to worry about what everyone else is doing!

Thank you again for your time , Cori! Go follow her on social media to watch her garden grow.

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